Our marquees are stylish, adaptable and robust enough to withstand a Cornish southwesterly.

All our marquees are aluminium frame models. The ideal combination of style and practicality, they are constructed using a clear span, aluminium framework with PVC covers. Standing 4 metres high, they are attractive and robust, particularly suitable for exposed locations, as they stand up well to heavy rain and wind.

“A fantastic day. The only thing we couldn’t control was the weather but thanks to the amazing marquee we barely noticed the conditions outside. I’m just glad it wasn’t me who had to take it down…!”

The process of hiring from us is simple. A few easy steps and you will be able to leave us to sort the rest. Our top tip would be to allow as much time as possible. Booking as far in advance as you can makes it easier to get everything exactly as you want it.

Firstly, get in touch and give us an idea of size and location.

We can design layouts and space configurations so you can picture exactly how your event will work. Once agreed, we will ensure that you get exactly what you are expecting on the day. Amendments can be made to an order up to 14 days prior to delivery.

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The marquees we offer can be arranged in a wide variety of layouts for any occasion, from a small ticket booth or a simple extra room, to an arrangement of multiple areas that can be opened up or closed off for different parts of an event. We have the expertise and experience to help you create the layout that works best for you and we pride ourselves on our ability to guide you through the whole process.

Call us early

The sooner we are involved in your planning, the more help we can give you.

Give us as much information as possible so we can prepare an accurate quotation and draw a plan to help you visualise how the space will work.

From the information you provide, our design software will produce technical data and a specification we can work from to ensure that everything is in place.

How much space do you need?

As a general guide, we recommend:

  • Cocktail Parties (stand up) 6-10 sq.ft per person
  • Reception (buffet/milling) 8-12 sq. ft. per person
  • Dinner (trestle tables) 10-16 sq. ft. per person
  • Dinner (round tables) 12-18 sq. ft. per person
  • Dance Area 3-4 sq. ft per person

We are happy to visit your chosen location and advise on the best position for the marquee. This no-obligation visit is offered free of charge and we can also advise about services required in terms of power supply, water etc.

Things to consider

  • Number of guests, style and type of event (seated or milling), round or trestle tables.
  • Formal or informal, served food or buffet style
  • The venue, type of ground, access
  • Do you need a dance floor, catering tent or generator?

We are happy to visit the site and help you to plan the details.

Last minute?

We know that planning doesn’t aways go according to plan!

Even if your event is a last minute idea and your thoughts are ahead of you, call us now and find out how much we can do to help.

Contact our team now to arrange your marquee hire

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